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Tailored Training

Our Approach

The goal of tailored training is to match delivery and content to the specific outcome needs of you and your business, plus ensure it works within the context and culture of your company and industry.

The content is drawn from an extensive body of knowledge delivered within either a business improvement or organisational change and business execution framework.

Recent Examples

Some of the largest companies such as BHP Billiton and Anglo American have utilised the tailored content of Soarent Vision. Examples include:

  • 1 day Business Improvement Leader Course for Line Managers and Supervisors
  • 4 day Business Improvement Practitioner Course for improvement project leaders
  • 1 day Organisational Change Leadership Course for Functional Heads, Line Managers and Supervisors
  • 1/2 day Pitching Organisational Change as a Line Manager training course
  • 1 day Pitching Solutions as a Project Leader training course

Why Soarent Vision

Tailored Training

Professionalism and Expertise

Soarent Vision is not a mass provider of training. The company provides highly professional and unique training services through a small team of highly skilled professionals who focus on what it is they do best.

Tailoring Training and Skills Development for Your Business Needs

We can help to make the right choices for your business needs. Please contact our office, we would love to assist you.

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