Where You Get Trained and Certified Does Matter!

There are virtually a thousand lean six sigma training courses offered today! And with the proliferation of cheap, quick, money making offerings; today it matters where you get your training and qualifications from. Here's the value proposition for Soarent Vision training for you.

What's In It For You?

lean six sigma training

This training is recognised widely as the industry standard for developing middle and senior manager level people who can drive measurable process improvement - a career advantage!

Business Execution

There are no shortcuts, only genuine competency development so that you have the confidence to apply what you learn in a workplace environment and create value that you can quantify.

Soarent Vision Consulting

A recognised and Accredited Lean Six Sigma training program offering Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt Certification as well as BI Leadership Accreditation through IBIL.

Training Can Be Tailored For In-house Delivery

For in-house delivery, we will tailor the business improvement training course materials and content to suit your specific needs. All we need to know is exactly the type of work you are focused on (throughput and production flow improvements, cycle time reduction, controlling process variation, resolving frequent problems etc).

In tailoring the training, the course content will be drawn from the full body of knowledge reflected in the modules of the full training program shown in the table below.

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Standard Full Business Improvement Training Program

Soarent Vision offers public training through its web based training academy - AOBIL. One of the training programs offered in a brilliant assembly of business education programs, is the highly regarded Lean Six Sigma training program designed and developed by George Lee Sye.

Level 1: Lean Six Sigma GREEN Belt Training

  • Module 1 - Lean Thinking Foundations (Online Training or Classroom Training In House)
  • Module 2 - Six Sigma Fundamentals (Online Training or Classroom Training In House)
  • Module 3 - Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (Online Training)
  • Module 4 - Project Management Skills Course (OnlineTraining)

Level 2: Lean Six Sigma BLACK Belt Training

  • Module 1 - Quantitative Decision Making (Online Training or Classroom Training In House)
  • Module 2 - Quality Function Deployment (Online Training)

Lean Six Sigma Certification Options


What People Say About This training

Brilliant course, would be recommended for anyone in BI or process control and improvement.

Rob Rogerson - BHP Billiton, Perth

In this fast paced world it’s often too easy to get quick fixes. I once embarked on a trip to Melbourne with the promise of a Black Belt in Six Sigma within a week. What was the catch? There wasn’t one. I paid the money and sat in a room for 10 hours a day for 5 days. On the Friday afternoon I left with a freshly printed Black Belt Certificate. During the flight back to Perth the first threads of doubt crossed my mind. What had I really learnt? Did I have the confidence to call myself a Black Belt? The answer was no. The course was too rushed without real depth. At least the hotel food was nice. Statistical analysis was covered in the final hour. Ten weary faces staring at an overhead ... no hands on, no use of a computer.
Five years later I found myself embarking on my second Black Belt. Within minutes of meeting Harry Sinko I knew the course would be special. Here was a professional facilitator who was also disciplined in the technicalities of Lean and Six Sigma. How refreshing that the comprehensive guide book used was written by the owner of the Soarant (George Lee Sye) with additional tips and commentary by Harry. The book is now my professional bible as I convert to becoming a Lean Six Sigma professional. My second Black Belt is not yet finished. But when it arrives in the post it will replace the counterfeit one hidden under the bed.

Alistair McGuinness - Fortescue Metals Group, Perth

Informative and challenges your standard though process. Worth taking time out of your everyday work to undertake this course.

Karen Anstes - Woodside Energy, Perth

This course has stimulated new ideas and improved the ones I already had in progress.

Chris Nowick - Barrick Gold, Melbourne

Inspirational beyond the content of the course.

Alain Roose - BHP Billiton, Perth

The quality of the course depends on the facilitator. George is able to present a complex subject exceptionally well due to his unique experience, good communication skills and passion.

Stuart Panton - Woodside Energy, Perth

An in depth course, professionally delivered. Harry's effervescent personality and professional facilitation made this course a joy to attend.

Lee Downham - Perth

I recently had the opportunity to complete Soarent Vision's Diploma in Business Improvement Leadership training in Perth.  Having experienced some of the other leadership development offered by Soarent Vision I went in with very high expectations and was in no way disappointed.  Everything from the content through to the course instruction was absolutely first class and delivered in an almost perfect blend between theoretical content and practical application with plenty of opportunity to explore application in your own business context . The reference material provided would have to be one of the most comprehensive guides to the practical application of Lean Six Sigma I have come across and my copy is already showing the signs of constant use.
I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to understand the power behind the practical application of Lean Six Sigma.  Whether you someone starting their business improvement career or a leader looking for ways to fast track performance improvements in your business you will not be disappointed. I am now moving on to complete the advanced diploma along with two of my staff and am looking forward to seeing further results. Thank you George and Harry!

Anthony Whiteaker - Wester Power, Perth

Other Information

Certification and Formal Qualifications

Soarent Vision's Business Improvement Leadership training program meets the standards of the Australian Qualifications Framework. Competency in the application of skills learnt in this education can result in the issue of qualifications governed by the standards of the Institute of Business Improvement Leadership (IBIL).

Connect With Soarent Vision

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Value Proposition

Soarent Vision's Academy of Business Improvement Leadership is distinguished from other providers in a number of ways.

1. The training program is ACCREDITED

2. It is focused on the PRACTICAL needs of customers

3. COMPETENCY is the focus, not issuing pieces of paper

4. Training is scheduled over a time frame that is required to learn it properly - LEARNING IS NEVER COMPROMISED to save time

5. Each module of education is a STAND ALONE MODULE that any employee can attend

6. The LAYERING OF SKILL that occurs through sequentially moving through a series of stand alone modules ensures a far greater degree of competency upon completion of the program. It develops and reinforces capability in a way that maximises the way people learn and retain information and produces results much faster than previous ways of approaching such training


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Course Enrolment Information

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