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Here is a short video about the key attributes of a Lean Business Simulation based training course - this video runs for approximately 5:09 minutes.

Focused on Cost Reduction and Productivity Improvements


This Lean Business Simulation is a 1-day business leader / line-manager training event that will help you better execute your business plan and increase profitability. Here’s how.

We Have a Major Challenge!

  1. There is disconnect between business management activities and the business improvement initiative.
  2. Pressure to deliver continues to rise amidst the ebbs and flows of the economic environment.
  3. KPI’s often cause focus to become siloed along the value chain.
  4. Line managers and staff are frequently overwhelmed with a plethora of improvement and change initiatives.
  5. Lots of business improvement training takes place, there is little or no financial return.

How It Works

It develops the business management skills of people who occupy the pivotal positions in your business – line managers and supervisors.

  1. The simulation models the mining and energy value stream from end to end
  2. Participants run the production process right through to delivery of product and model actual business behaviour
  3. They improve the entire value stream performance in a collaborative manner
  4. They experientially learn practical concepts for minimising waste, maximising product throughput, and optimising process variation
  5. They learn how to utilise improvement methods and resources to achieve business objectives in the most effective way possible

Why It Works

  • It accelerates learning where improvement training has historically been inadequate - the line manager and supervisor level
  • It focuses attention at the right business level so that improvement takes place where the greatest value can be generated
  • It causes participants to consider improvement in a collaborative way through the entire business value stream

Specifically Tailored for Mining and Energy - Suitable for All Industries

This simulation is specifically designed to replicate the nature of the MINING AND ENERGY PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT which is dynamic, complex and often unstable. To ensure a holistic view of the mining business is experienced, the simulation includes activities associated with Extraction, Processing, Transport and Logistics.

How To Arrange For In-house Delivery

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Your Presenters

This simulation is facilitated by two of the most trusted and experienced business improvement experts in the world today ... George Lee Sye and Harry Sinko.  Having worked with a diverse range of organisations, including mining companies such as BHP Billiton, Anglo American, Rio Tinto, Newcrest Mining, Peabody Energy, Xstrata and Western Mining Corporation, both George and Harry bring practical and relevant experience to this unique learning environment.

In addition to his extensive industry knowledge, their business improvement coaching and implementation experience in Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa, Papua New Guinea and Mexico give them the foundations to generate powerful discussions about how to utilise the concepts anywhere in the world in any sector.

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  • 1-day Event
  • 8:15 am Registration
  • 8:30 am to 5:00 pm


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  • Functional Leaders
  • Line Managers

Your Hosts


Harry Sinko


George Lee Sye


  • Online or by Phone

For Information

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  • Call 1300 551 294 (Aust Only)

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Process Alchemy is published in two languages and a recommended inclusion for all participants!

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