Systematic Problem Solving for Mgrs



A Management toolkit and 5 step process for solving business problems. This is a skill set for career differentiation.

Available for iPad and for Kindle

Extraordinary Team Leadership


Strategies for working with people and tools for getting the most out of any group or team in a business environment.

Available for iPad and for Kindle

Checklists and Tollgates for Black Belts


Written to help you accelerate your mastery of Lean Six Sigma by providing application checklists and project tollgate guidelines.

Available in PDF or for iPad and for Kindle

Build Your BI Operating System


How to design an operating system that controls performance and drives success with your BI initiative.

Available for iPad and for Kindle

How To Take Control Of Your Brain


Performance psychology and tools for controlling your conscious and unconscious thinking patterns. 200,000 copies alreayd sold!

Available for iPad and for Kindle

The Problem Solving Brain


Presenting a range of thinking patterns, tools and principles for controlling that problem solving machine of yours.

Available for iPad and for Kindle

People, Leadership, Growth


Discussing the single biggest cost in a company, yet the least understood - People. A guide for all leaders and line managers.

Available for iPad and for Kindle

SigmaXL User's Handbook


A comprehensive guide to the use of SigmaXL Statistical Software that shows commonly used commands and functions.

Available for iPad and for Kindle

Selecting Great Improvement Projects


A variety of ways to identify and prioritise improvement projects that bring the greatest value to the organisation and leaders.

Available for iPad and for Kindle

Develop Your BI Dashboard


How to create the BI dashboard so you can drive your business improvement vehicle most effectively.

Available for iPad and for Kindle

The Language of Lean Six Sigma


A comprehensive collection of acronyms, terms and definitions that are used widely where Lean Six Sigma dominates.

Available for iPad and for Kindle

Creating Wealth in Business


How to unlock company value, better leadership and how to apply the core discipline of success in a business environment.

Available for iPad and for Kindle

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SigmaXL User's Handbook


SigmaXL Statistical Analysis Handbook is now available in Print Form and for Apple iPad or Kindle Reader

Focused on Waste, Variation, Cost, Productivity


An advanced lean six sigma training program for resource sector and production improvement professionals.

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Minimise Cost, Maximise Productivity


1-day simulation based Value Stream Management and BI training for line managers - designed to create collaborative cost reduction and productivity improvements.

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A Complete Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge


Process Mastery with Lean Six Sigma is a reference that every GREEN BELT, BLACK BELT and MASTER BLACK BELT must have in their library.

A Business Leader's Guide to Lean Six Sigma


Process Alchemy is distributed internationally in two languages. A MUST READ for every business improvement leader!

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