1. Business Execution and Organisational Change

Specialist Services

Business Asset Review

Identify where the greatest value sits and prioritise it. This includes value chain analysis with tools such as VSM's, Value Driver Trees, data interrogation and statistics along with Root cause analysis to identify key value focus areas and develop solutions.

Project Execution

Focus on delivering the value identified in the asset reviews through collaboration with people who operate the value stream. The desired outcome is a reduction in operating costs, greater revenue or increased cash on hand. The outcome must be quantifiable in financial terms.

Business Execution and Operating System Implementation

The intent is sustainable and repeatable value delivery by integrating key practices and techniques into the Business Planning and Operational Execution cycle. It also includes integrating the business improvement culture and practices developed into the day to day operations and the annual planning and execution cycle.

Organisational Change

Supporting progressive change in your company and business with specific skills around change planning, stakeholder engagement, marketing plan and resource development, change management and change project leadership.

2. Training and Capability Development

Specialist Services

Business Improvement Skills

Developing the ability of the workforce to remove waste, reduce unnecessary cost, increase process productivity and leader improvement projects that can be completed rapidly. Read more ...

Organisational Change and Business Execution Skills

Focusing on skills associated with developing, pitching and leading organisational change; as well as the development of capability to more effectively manage the business value stream and execute business plans. Read more ...

Tailored Training

We also tailor our training to suit your specific needs, culture and business context. Read more ...

Short Course Master Classes

We also offer professional development courses of half day duration. Read more ...

3. Specialist Services

Specialist Services

There is a range of specialist services you can use to support any major initiative or function you are engaged in. These include:

Video Production

Recorded and produced to support your Training, Marketing, Communications strategies.

Marketing Materials

Audio, Visual and Printed

Web Page Content

Writing, Structuring and Uploading


Design, Development and Implementation

Training Course Development

Course Design, Materials Development, Translating in Online Courses, In-house Course Delivery

3 Major Goals

  1. To remove the burden of administrative, non-core specialist work from your work day
  2. To allow employees to focus on their core function and business expertise as it relates directly to business profitability
  3. To concentrate focus and accelerate the sustainable implementation of key business initiatives

Choosing the Right Combination of Services for Your Business Needs

Specialist Services

We can help to make the right choices for your business needs. Please contact our office in Australia during normal office hours or send us a message at any time, we would love to assist you.

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Value Proposition

Outcome Focused

Soarent Vision focuses on achieving outcomes value by your organisation, not being paid for activity


Soarent Vision tailors its services to fit the context and culture of your organisation and its people

Professionalism, Expertise and Niche Focus

Soarent Vision is not a mass provider of services - the company provides extremely professional services that are unique through a small team of highly skilled individuals who focus on the things they do best


The company offers fair value for money for all parties concerned and does not charge exorbitant prices for highly valued services

Focused on Waste, Variation, Cost, Productivity


An advanced lean six sigma training program for resource sector and production improvement professionals.

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Minimise Cost, Maximise Productivity


1-day simulation based Value Stream Management and BI training for line managers - designed to create collaborative cost reduction and productivity improvements.

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