Soarent Vision Develops BMC Business Improvement Leaders

Soarent Vision is now contracted to develop the business improvement leadership skills of BMC staff in central Queensland.

Tailored BI Training Using Lean and Six Sigma Methods

The tailored program incorporates Soarent’s unique open cut mining simulation to develop the skills of line mangers as well as improvement practitioners. The advantage of this approach is that while the mechanics of tools and processes can be learnt from a book, this form of immersion causes students to understand the nuances of tools and processes in the context of a real world situation. True application learning takes places under these circumstances.

Lean concepts were an obvious inclusion in this tailored package and dominate the training solution. This is where the greatest value is generated in the first instance for mining and energy assets.

Business Improvement Training For Practitioners

Business Improvement Training For Practitioners

Soarent Vision is the provider of nationally accredited Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt Training for Mining and Energy in Australia and South Africa. Under the governance of the Australian Standards Quality Association (ASQA) and the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), the certification process is designed to maximise the financial returns for the host company. For information about how Soarent Vision can tailor an business improvement solution for your organisation, or assist you to implement world-class BI strategy, drop them a line at or call +61 7 3377 0824 during normal office hours.

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