Lean Six Sigma Training in Australia is Evolving

What’s happening with Lean Six Sigma training in Australia and around the world today? We’re seeing suppliers offer anything from 3 to 20 days of training to achieve supposedly the same qualification. What we also seeing is the offer of off-the -shelf packages that are allegedly suitable for any buyer.

Unfortunately, these methodologies of business improvement are not mastered in 3 days of training with examination based certification, and one approach does not suit all contexts, companies and cultures.

Even more unfortunately, Lean Six Sigma training is seen as a money maker by many opportunistic suppliers. An individual who purchases sub standard training may well achieve exactly what they want, i.e. be issued with a qualification. A company on the other hand will probably fail to get their desired outcome, i.e. actually reduce costs and improve productivity.

3 Thoughts for Training Participants

1. DO THE RESEARCH – Do some research on the quality of the qualifications being offers – are they accredited, are they recognised by anybody, does any large company actually use the supplier as their core training providers … etc.

2. GET UP-SKILLED – Don’t just do training to get a qualification, undertake training that will give you the skill to use lean six sigma to generate improvements. Your career will thrive long term if you do.

3. PURSUE MASTERY – You will not master the application of these methods in a month or without actually leading projects. You have to do your apprenticeship and then you enter the class of the most respected business improvement practitioners.

7 Considerations for Improvement Leaders

1. RETURNS – If you plan to do some training and have no idea what the return will be, don’t do the training till you do.

2. SUPPORT – Get support in developing the framework that will drive quantifiable financial success with this improvement thing we all talk about.

3. RELEVANCE – One size does not fit all … Six Sigma may well be the correct methodology to introduce first in a manufacturing business, Lean is more appropriate in the first instance in an organisation where throughput is the main issue.

4. FIT – One size does not fit all … Lean Six Sigma for manufacturing is not Lean Six Sigma for mining or energy.

5. KEY PEOPLE – If leaders and line managers are not going to take responsibility and drive this, forget it. Invest your money in rental property instead.

6. FOCUS – The initiative must impact the key variables that in turn positively affect (a) the multiple of valuation (Price Earnings Ratio or PER) and (b) company earnings … only then will you get corporate executive support. If you’re not sure what this means, get a copy of How to Create Wealth in Business.

7. THE PIPELINE – Put energy into project pipeline development and management. Some good learnings can be gleaned from How To Select Great Improvement Projects.

Take care,

The Soarent Vision Team

Soarent Vision provides highly regarded Lean Six Sigma Training and Support for resource sector companies. The training is accredited, is not delivered by academics but people who use it, is not cheap and nasty but fair value for money, is designed purposefully for a specific sector, and can easily convert into an investment IF Line Managers play their part. For more information about the training, visit – http://www.soarent.com.au/lean-six-sigma-training-australia

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