Certification Assignments Due By 30 November 2013

All Lean Six Sigma training courses delivered by Soarent Vision before 2013 will be closed on 30th of November 2013.

What that means is all associated certification assignments for Diploma / LSS Green Belt and Adv Diploma / LSS Black Belt qualifications must be submitted no later than that date – 30 November 2013.

Submissions Later Than 30 November 2013

While all pre June 2013 courses are closed on that date, submission of certification assignments beyond the deadline can still be processed though they will be subject to certification fees. If that affects you and you want more information, give us a call or email our Soarent Vision office.

  • Phone +61 7 3377 0824
  • Phone 1300 551 294 (Australia Only)
  • Email events@soarent.com.au

For your reference, the previous messages on this deadline are copied below.

The Soarent Vision Team


Message #2 – Posted 16/09/13

Dates for submission have now been extended to give you more time to complete. The NEW DEADLINE for submitting assignments for all courses is 30 November, 2013.

If you have a specific question, call us at the Brisbane office (+61 7 3377 0824), email us at events@soarent.com.au, or post your question in the comments area below.


Message #1 – Posted 13/03/2013

[First Published 13-03-2013 / Revised 20-05-2013]

Academic Institutions

All higher level academic institutions in Australia delivering accredited training courses, do so in a consistent way.

  • All modules are opened and closed out according to a schedule
  • Examinations and/or assignments must be completed by a specified date
  • A failure to complete the requirements by the specified date means the student does not complete that module

Soarent Vision

Soarent Vision is falling in line with this framework and moving to close out all open modules of Lean Six Sigma training from specific courses.

  • Relevant Period – 2011 and 2012
  • Locations – Australia and South Africa

Final Assignment Submission Dates

Dates for course completion (which requires submission of all post training assignments) are as follows:

Diploma in BIL (+ LSS Green Belt)

  • Lean Thinking Foundations Module (LTF) – 19th of August 2013
  • Six Sigma Fundamentals Module (SSF) – 16th of September 2013
  • Diploma Bridging Course (DBC – Self Paced) – 21st of October 2013

Advanced Diploma in BIL (+ LSS Black Belt)

  • Quantitative Decision Making Module (QDM) – 18th of November 2013
  • Quality Function Deployment Module (QFD – Self Paced) – 16th of December 2013

Marking of Assignments

Assignments are marked during the last week of each month and feedback will be given as soon as possible after marking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. If I am participating in training during 2013, do these dates apply to me?

A. To be fair, we have extended these dates to include all courses conducted prior to July 2013. For 2013 training after June, all students will be advised of the course completion date.

Q2. How will this apply to all future courses?

A. For all face-2-face training modules (LTF, SSF and QDM) there will be a 3 month deadline for completing assignments. For all self-paced delivered training modules (DBC, QDM and QFD) there will be a 2 month module completion deadline which includes submission of assignments.

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