Adapting Organisational Change Training to Customer Needs

Phew … what a huge week … a 6 day advanced leadership boot camp which remains one of the most satisfying and rewarding coaching events I have ever been involved in.

George Lee Sye at the Advanced Leadership Boot Camp in Perth

We consistently see business improvement specialists in the conference room. They are obviously learning sponges who leave the event ready to unleash their new found influence skills and change the world more quickly and more permanently.

However, there is a problem!

The people who most need … wait; not need but whose futures absolutely depend on the level of skill they possess for presenting, pitching and generating buy in to new ideas are not present.  Why not?

Ultimately it comes down to one thing – time! There is obviously a shortage of discretionary time.

So … we have adapted in response to the time constraints of our customers.

But that’s not all!

Over the past 2 years we’ve delivered some of the most advanced influence and persuasion training to many of the senior business improvement people across multiple industries in Australia and New Zealand. The content and way we deliver that program has now gained the attention of some high profile business leaders in Victoria.

That’s why I’m excited to tell you about this.

We have progressed our advanced leadership training to better fit work and lifestyle in the modern business world.

Without compromising the quality of what we deliver, the NEW Academy of Business Leadership framework now comprises 5 modules of 1 to 3.5 days in duration. The jewel in our crown, the 6-day presentation and pitching skills training, is still there albeit in a modified format.

New Release Soon

Over the past month we have been working with our good friend Genevieve Rivière in Melbourne to establish the new framework and it’s release will be publicised very soon. A couple of key points:

  • It begins with a 3-hour introduction session that causes business leaders to see organisational change leadership from a completely new angle relevant to the realities of modern day culture
  • Public events will be scheduled carefully over the year with one cycle of the main content only in any capital city

We are focused on delivering the most desirable and relevant and impactful organisational change and business leadership training in Australia and New Zealand at a price that works within the current economic constraints you are exposed to.

We Will Keep You Informed

If you wish to be informed directly of events when the schedule is released, provide us with your details in the following form.

I look forward to seeing you at one of our events, take care.

George Lee Sye


Soarent Vision’s organisational change leadership training is setting new standards for how we learn to facilitate innovation, effectively pitch our ideas to get buy-in and roll out change initiatives.

It is not your usual commoditized training but rather a limited number of events delivered by a true master of modern day organisational influence.

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