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The Ultimate Business Upgrade - Human Productivity

The key cultural element that drives growth and improvement is the individual effectiveness of ALL PEOPLE in your organisation.

Managers and Leaders are not exempt .... for it is they who set the theme and culture in your organisation. The ultimate upgrade for your business is the enhancement of human productivity and personal effectiveness.



  • It can be delivered to an ENTIRE WORKFORCE at a single event as demonstrated by some of our international client companies;
  • It embeds a genuine CULTURE of continual improvement in the fastest time possible;
  • It reduces organisational reactivity so that INFLUENTIAL AND PERSUASIVE LEADERSHIP skills work to better effect;
  • It enhances the inter-dependence between HOME AND WORK - growth in one area underpins growth in the other; and
  • It creates the right environment where BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT & BUSINESS EXECUTION SYSTEMS will thrive.

It enhances our ability to become extra-ordinary business leaders:

'Self mastery' precedes 'mastery of others', and this event does exactly that by teaching your present and future business leaders these things:

  • How the HUMAN MIND AND BODY works and responds under conditions of stress;
  • How to utilise the NATURAL PATTERNS OF THE UNCONSCIOUS MIND to achieve bigger outcomes more quickly;
  • How to EXPAND TIME and massively reduce the amount of time spent in reaction to demands and deadlines;
  • The 4th generation methods for being MORE EFFECTIVE IN GETTING RESULTS and focusing with greater breadth;
  • How to generate significantly increased levels of PHYSICAL ENERGY - the result is greater capacity for taking action

This event will help propel your organisation towards your ultimate goal of getting the most out of your business improvement strategy ... no matter what industry you are in ... and even if you have tried every other means.

Designed to create a workplace full of employees who are ALL COMMITTED to the philosophy of continual improvement.

Not just at work, but at home also.

THE PRODUCTIVITY EQUATION - A Lesson In Human Effectiveness

In 2-days you will learn what every employee in your company must learn:

  • How to be even more effective in GETTING RESULTS in your work
  • How to shift your mind to UNCONSCIOUSLY FOCUS on purpose driven outcomes
  • How to establish the RIGHT LEVEL OF FOCUS so you move forward in all of the IMPORTANT AREAS of your business and home life
  • Why YOU MUST and how to massively REDUCE LEVELS OF STRESS
  • How to create and enjoy an ABUNDANCE OF ENERGY AND HEALTH so you have the PHYSICAL CAPACITY to perform at the highest level
  • How to consciously influence the THINKING AND BELIEFS OF YOUR CHILDREN and peers so they experience enormous success in their lives
  • How to leave others in your wake and position yourself for greater PROMOTION PROSPECTS
  • How this relates to a 21st Century BUSINESS EXECUTION System

Registration Information

Call us on 07 3377 0824 for information about package rates and to run this event in-house.

In a nutshell ..... what is this event about?

This amazing event, which has been more than 10 years in development, has 4 specific objectives for YOU PERSONALLY:

  • That you become MORE EFFECTIVE in getting what you want in your work and in your personal life than you have ever been before;
  • You experience a MASSIVE ACCELERATION in the RESULTS you get across all of the important elements of your working life and home life;
  • Your BUSINESS SUCCESS GROWS as a result of the personal shift you and your people make; and
  • You live a LONG HEALTHY AND VITAL LIFE without the illness and stress that people are now erroneously conditioned to accept as a normal part of life.

This is the culmination of more than 20 years of study and application ...... delivered by someone who lives and breathes what he teaches - George Lee Sye.


It is designed with 5 specific business related objectives in mind:

  • That you as a leader do not have to rely on bureaucratic and outdated systems to manage behaviour and engineer attitudes; rather you steer a ship that is crewed by a highly motivated and fulfilled team of people that are more accountable to themselves and one another;
  • That the greatest assets of your organisation (your people), defy the conditioning of our society and become far more effective in their work and in their personal lives than they have ever been before and play the game of life at a new level;
  • All of your most important assets are motivated to experience a massive acceleration in the results they get across all of the important elements of their work and their home life;
  • All of your most important assets (including you) live a long healthy and vital life without the illness and stress that people are now erroneously conditioned to accept as a normal part of life; and
  • Your people contribute more to the financial success of your company through increased frugality and financial success in their own lives.

Registration Information

Call us on 07 3377 0824 for information about package rates and to run this event in-house.

Major Themes of TPE


Easy to talk about, simple to model, sought by every progressive leader, difficult to achieve with traditional methods in the modern world!

The approach of TEP is designed to break the 'industrial age' paradigm that underpins management of behaviours and attitudes, and shift the organisation to one where the true talent that people bring to the table is unleashed.

TPE is a LEADERSHIP Training Course

Our goal is to create leaders with skills relevant to the dynamics of the modern business world.

  • Greater use of the creative right side of your brain as a basis for Visionary Leadership
  • Increased flexibility in the way you work within different time spans (daily, weekly, quarterly etc) and levels of detail
  • Greater focus on direction and movement towards your vision - consistently translating outcomes into action
  • Greater accountability to yourself for your own progress towards the outcomes YOU want in your life
  • New forms of collaboration with others who will also challenge themselves to new levels of personal success

Sustaining Learnings Beyond The TPE Event

SUSTAINABILITY is something you plan to achieve, not hope to achieve!

Your strategies for making this a cultural shifting, sustainable concept are:

  1. The top person in the respective organisational pyramid involved MUST ATTEND and apply what they learn - their behaviours must change or nothing changes
  2. When a participant's PARTNER also attends, the thinking patterns and behaviours around simplification, focus, pro-action and personal control are reinforced at both home and work - both elements of their life improve rapidly (note - this is why we provide access for partners)


Beyond hype and words ..... TPE gives practical methods that I can relate to.

Glenn Whitfield - Rio Tinto

The information provided empowered me to make significant changes in my life and how I felt about it. The impact was so positive, I offered to send my whole staff and their partners to attend the program. They have just completed this, and the team dynamic at work is Buzzing. Great result, great value. Many thanks.

Michael Bishop - Alchemy Cordials

Learn to live! George captures the essence of the 'why' of life while giving you the courage to achieve.

Wendy Clarke - Rio Tinto

Powerful course that I think can be applied in both your personal and professional life. Very few courses achieve that. Knowing George's outstanding facilitation skills, I expected an interesting and entertaining course - and this was delivered in spades. What I didn't expect was such a simple, workable model for life and enterprise mastery. I always admired George's great self-discipline and his ability to achieve two or three times the level of output of other people. I now know that secret (or at least one of the secrets) to his success. I only wish' that I had learnt this 15 years ago as I was embarking on my career. While I've been reasonably successful with my career and personal life, I have now doubt that I could have achieved even greater success through the application of some of the learnings from the program.

Gary Warden - Global Leader Operating Excellence BHP Billiton

I would also like to say a big thank you to George. His delivery of the course material just made everything click for me. I finally get it! I understand why it is important to focus on and prioritise ALL areas of my life. Its early days but I am working on it. ..... George's quote "Self Mastery precedes Mastery of Others" really struck a chord with me and is now my focus for the remainder of the year. Thank you again.

Vivienne Wilson - Reckitt Benckiser (New Zealand) Limited.

Feedback from my team was extremely positive, with the team being appreciative of the information they learned and the tools they can apply to improve their quality of life and rate of achievement at home and in their workplace. Anyone who knows George understands his great ability to capture an audience and deliver a message so it is understood. I only wish I'd attended sooner in my career.

Andrew Barnfield - BHP Billiton

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