Our company is a dynamic and highly energetic team, who consistently get outstanding results. The ability to make complex subjects simple to understand has been a foundation for our success in the delivery of process improvement and change leadership coaching and education to employees and business leaders alike.

Our team is passionate and enthusiastic in everything they do. They are lifelong learners who are able to provide experienced based performance coaching at all levels in any organisation.

Our team epitomises world class, leading practice principles in terms of organisation and delivery of our products and customer service - hence we believe we are a living 'success story' of the principles we espouse.

Here are our Key Service Providers and Team Members


George Lee Sye  MBA FAIM MAICD
Managing Director / VP Global Business Solutions Australia / NZ

George Lee Sye is a leading authority on maximising business profitability through effective business execution, change leadership with influence and persuasion, and proper utilisation of business improvement methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma.

He is also an internationally published author and highly regarded keynote speaker.

George's focus is on strategy and growth, ensuring our company is well positioned to meet growing demand.  Operating across business development, marketing and commercial, he places importance on ensuring activities are undertaken in accordance with Soarent Vision's charter.

George provides business execution and capability development services to our clients.

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Harry Sinko B.Comm. MBB
VP Global Business Solutions - International

Harry's approach in simplifying complexity with practical application continues to inspire individuals at all levels within companies to achieve exceptional outcomes. This is particularly evident in the area of Business improvement where he incorporates a balanced blend of both ‘technical’ methods and ‘people’ orientated approaches.

His strong association and hands on involvement with organisations such as Anglo American, National Australia Bank, Linde Gas, Sun-Microsystem, BHP Billiton, Arnott’s, Newcrest, Telstra, Xstrata, University of Sao Paulo and Bank of New Zealand underpin Harry's experience in providing the following services to our clients:

  • Business Improvement Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Lean Six Sigma Education (at both practitioner and leadership levels)
  • Project Facilitation and Coaching (including Lean, Six Sigma and Kaizen)

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Jason Riseley BA MBA LSSBB
Global Business Solutions / Business Execution Specialist

Jason has worked across a variety of industries and functions and has considerable experience in leading cross-functional projects to successful outcomes.

He provides services to our customers in his area of expertise:

  • Process Framework and Management - Linking business objectives to the things people do
  • Business Execution - Aligning what people do to the overall strategy, will ensure success
  • Business Improvement - Continually improving the effectiveness and efficiency processes
  • Facilitation - Leading projects and workshops for groups of people and teams
  • Training and Coaching - Helping people develop the skills necessary for successful business

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Adrian Manger

Adrian Manger
Strategic Advisor

Adrian brings a solid understanding of business to the team following an international career spanning two decades with BHP Billiton.  Throughout a number of countries he held senior finance and executive positions, including a leadership role in a billion dollar greenfield development.  Just prior to joining Soarent, Adrian operated globally delivering a major organisational change under the direction of BHP Billiton’s CEO.

Adrian's focus is on business development, finance and ensuring our company's activities have a solid commercial framework through which value is created for all of our stakeholders.

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Anita Cunningham
Business Improvement Specialist

Anita is a GE-trained and certified Master Black Belt with extensive experience in development and delivery of Six Sigma / BI training.  Anita has 15 years industry experience in manufacturing, supply chain and sales functions which is complemented by her work in other sectors including mining.  She also spent two years as a senior strategy consultant in a top tier management consulting practice working across many industries from resources to financial services.  Prior to 2004, Anita held senior positions at GE Advanced Materials including Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

Anita provides the following services to our clients:

  • Business Improvement Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Lean Six Sigma Education (at both practitioner and leadership levels)
  • Project Facilitation and Coaching (including WorkOut, Kaizen, Lean and Six Sigma)

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Chris Baker
Business Improvement Specialist

With roots in lean manufacturing of advanced technology, Chris is one of Australia’s foremost experts in the application of lean principles.

He has 20 years experience in the practical on-site implementation of quality and Lean 6 Sigma methods in a range of industries including services and the public sector.

Chris provides the following services to our clients:

  • Lean Implementation
  • Lean Education (5S Visual Workplace Management, Quick Changeover, Process and Value Stream Mapping, Lean Principles and Application)
  • Lean Project Facilitation and Coaching

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